Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Time...

Dear Bad Mommies,

I have loved working with you. I have loved creating memories, sharing in your lives, and getting to know you and your spawn.

But, I have come to the realisation that with being a mother, and having your own blog to be loyal to, not to mention work and friends - there is just no time for a group blog any more. So it's time to say good bye...!

I have decided to go solo with The Bad Mommy blog idea. Come find me here, on A Bad Mommy's Blog. If I write anything that inspires you to respond on your own blog, dont hesitate to link back to me. I'll still be lurking and commenting on all your blogs too, so I'll still be around!

Anyway, thanks for the laughs, the tears and all the support, you guys have helped me out through more than you'll ever realise. And I appreciate it more than I can say...

Much love,

PS: please update your blog roll to -