Count the Bad Mommies

Friday, March 28, 2008

Picture This

1.Spell out your child's name in pictures:

Any guesses as to what The Kid's real name is?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Homework Time!!

Right, Bad Mommies, it's my turn to set the homework. Sorry it's so late. I could give a whole list of excuses, but you won't believe me anyhoo…

Okay, for this week, I want everyone to do a Photo Project. I know all of you, myself included, are Happy Snappers and that is why I think we need to do something like this.

So for topics, please choose one of these*:

  • Place your emotions and feelings into a picture. How does your child(ren) make you feel? What do they mean to you? For example, Happiness = A photo of an ice-cream or a chocolate (cause we all know how happy that makes us). Be as creative as you want!


  • Take photos of objects/shapes to spell out the name of your child. It could be his real name, or the nickname we all know him by (like Damien for Angel and Boobah for me). For example, I could take a photo of a ball, to represent the B in Boobah and a photo of a wheel or round object for the O.

For mommies who have don't have a camera, Google Image Search** has just become your new best friend. And seeing though I've only put up the homework midweek, deadline for this project would be end of next week. Bear in mind that on Monday a new assignment will be set as well, so the two will run parallel with each other.

I hope you all have fun and that this really gets those creative juices flowing!

*Minimum of 3 pictures required

** Please remember to give credit to the original owner of the pictures you use

SURPRISE!! We Have Rules At Home!!

Thassaright bunnies- Damien and I have several house rules- and obviously as he’s gotten older these have changed. . . and I have very clearly added to them as well as situations have arisen. . . At this point in time, our “rule book” is tracking at 421 pages, with over 872 rules, including all the appendixes, corrections, addendums, modifications, additions, adjustments and amendments we’ve made (okay, mainly changes I’ve made) over the years, but I’ll just list the top 10 and spare you the rest shall I?

As for the belated Bad Mommy homework... again... I dibs the easter weekend as an excuse!

Rule number one: his cellphone has to be charged, switched on and near him at all times

Rule number two: his cellphone has to be set on an audible ring tone- not just on vibrate or on silent

Rule number three: he may not go anywhere without letting me know he’s going somewhere

Rule number four: he may not burn anything in the house- it has to be done outside if he absolutely HAS to burn something, otherwise it must wait till I get home

Rule number five: he has to smoke outside the flat. . . unless I’m smoking too then he may smoke inside. . . hhmmm, may need a rethink, what. . .?

Rule number six: no girls allowed in his room

Rule number seven: he may not go into a girl’s bedroom

Rule number eight: no PS2 on weekdays unless it’s a holiday

Rule number nine: no age restricted PS2 games or movies, obviously meaning restricted to older than he is

Rule number ten: he has to have his meds every day

rant post, block your ears kids

For fuck sakes. Woman at the robot in front of me? Buckle your kid the hell up! Do you not realise that if you slam on the brakes the first thing going through your child's mind, next, will be his ass? Literally.

Did no one ever tell you that while the ankle biter sticks out his arm a truck will magically rush past and chop it off?

I think sometimes you mothers out there need to wake the fuck up and read the newspapers. Children DO die. Children DO get involved in car accidents. Children DON'T live forever. Some of us bury them before we ever imagined.

Buckle up and sit your arse down on the chair, not on the back shield or in between the front seats!

Stop being such a pussy, and be a parent.