Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

rant post, block your ears kids

For fuck sakes. Woman at the robot in front of me? Buckle your kid the hell up! Do you not realise that if you slam on the brakes the first thing going through your child's mind, next, will be his ass? Literally.

Did no one ever tell you that while the ankle biter sticks out his arm a truck will magically rush past and chop it off?

I think sometimes you mothers out there need to wake the fuck up and read the newspapers. Children DO die. Children DO get involved in car accidents. Children DON'T live forever. Some of us bury them before we ever imagined.

Buckle up and sit your arse down on the chair, not on the back shield or in between the front seats!

Stop being such a pussy, and be a parent.


Sheena Gates said...


Sorry, girls. Pet hate. You unnerstand, I'm sure.

Bridget said...

Get your nickers outa that knot Sheebs.

Actually, I agree.

angel said...

i so could not agree more!