Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SURPRISE!! We Have Rules At Home!!

Thassaright bunnies- Damien and I have several house rules- and obviously as he’s gotten older these have changed. . . and I have very clearly added to them as well as situations have arisen. . . At this point in time, our “rule book” is tracking at 421 pages, with over 872 rules, including all the appendixes, corrections, addendums, modifications, additions, adjustments and amendments we’ve made (okay, mainly changes I’ve made) over the years, but I’ll just list the top 10 and spare you the rest shall I?

As for the belated Bad Mommy homework... again... I dibs the easter weekend as an excuse!

Rule number one: his cellphone has to be charged, switched on and near him at all times

Rule number two: his cellphone has to be set on an audible ring tone- not just on vibrate or on silent

Rule number three: he may not go anywhere without letting me know he’s going somewhere

Rule number four: he may not burn anything in the house- it has to be done outside if he absolutely HAS to burn something, otherwise it must wait till I get home

Rule number five: he has to smoke outside the flat. . . unless I’m smoking too then he may smoke inside. . . hhmmm, may need a rethink, what. . .?

Rule number six: no girls allowed in his room

Rule number seven: he may not go into a girl’s bedroom

Rule number eight: no PS2 on weekdays unless it’s a holiday

Rule number nine: no age restricted PS2 games or movies, obviously meaning restricted to older than he is

Rule number ten: he has to have his meds every day


Natalie said...

Oh my word but you sound so strict! LOL.

Dyna Girl said...

Go grrrrrrrrrrrrl. YOu rock!

S E E Quine said...

` I like the 'not setting anything on fire indoors' rule. Why does he set things on fire? Do I want to know?

` I think those are good rules - even the no PS2 on weekdays. I imagine it's bad for ADDers, causing them to hyperfocus. (I have this problem.)

` All I can say is, a rulebook is a great idea! I was raised in the opposite environment - the rules were arbitrary and changed from minute-to-minute so that I was always doing something wrong, no matter what I did.
` Even if my dad was doing the same thing, he could never be wrong for it. As a result, I never learned right from wrong until after I got away from my dad.

angel said...

natalie: i have to be!

dyna: ta :-D

s e e quine: he's a bit of a firebug, always has been...
as for hyperfocusing- he doesn't eat or sleep or anything once he's in the zone!

Sheena Gates said...

hee hee. damien is a sweet heart. think i should set him up with my sister Ash if things fall apart with Flower.

Only joking.

angel said...

sheena: ;->
you do know i'd rather he were single!!?!?!!?

S E E Quine said...

` No eating or sleeping - this is exactly why I wanted to sell my X-Box, except a meth-head stole it and sold it for me! To my neighbor, in fact!

sweets said...

you are strict!

i like it!!! hehe