Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Knucklehead Update!!!

Well, my darling Damien is currently on the South African three week long, winter school holiday.
Oh joy (Damien's current favourite saying)...
A bored Damien is never a good thing- he has not yet found a job, his friends are not within walking distance, and I have not yet replaced/ refilled my fire extinguishers (yes I know- I'm a bad mommy), I just haven't got around to it!
He's just finished his second term exams at school too- and after the first term's disastrous test results this term had better be a vast improvement otherwise he's in trouble.
In other non-educational adventure news, the knucklehead and my Glugs get on famously. They laugh together over silly things like whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, and Damien's invention of the "Book Of Botanical Shit" which Glugs insisted he had the newest publication of in his bookshelf at home. Then Glugs and I are sitting downstairs watching a movie or TV and the Knucklehead is playing Warhammer upstairs on the PC and Glugs will be "summoned" to compare notes or point something out in terms of where Damien is supposedly kicking his butt in the game (they're both playing the game but with different armies).
Damien is a little apprehensive about our moving in with my Glugs in August/ September... As am I! Apart from dreading the packing up of almost 13 year's accumulated crap (thats how long we've been in our flat) I am more than a little wary of giving up my independence to move in with him. Damien is a little nervous simply because its a big change for him... he is excited about having a pool and his own bathroom though- and he's happy that our furbabies are going with us and he doesn't have to change schools.
And a couple of weeks ago we spent the long weekend in Durban and Damien got to "dive" in uShaka's shark tank! I haven't seen him so excited about something in a long time. Then the three of us did a "reef walk" with these heavy glass domes over our heads and a manta ray gliding over us! It was awesome, and Damien could barely contain himself!

And amazingly- and in a total first for Damien- he is still dating his girlfriend "Flower" after 4 months! As much as I wish he would stay single till he's at least 25, he's way too gawjiss for the girls to leave him alone... LOL!

sweets update

Concerta turned out to be a kind of a blessing and a curse all mixed together in a white tablet to be taken once a day, with breakfast :)

it's about two weeks now that Kay's on the medication and although I'm trying soooooo hard to be negative about this... so i can just tell his doc..... sorry this drug is just not for my kid ok!?


it's kind of working... wonders

who knew?

the new focused super charged Kay is a easy child to live with, I never knew he was so all over the place until he wasn't anymore... he still eats his food, although a bit less, i noticed that... he's also struggling to sleep more than 6-8 hours at a time... i'll see more of the results with his school work next term, it's school holiday now... but the big breakthrough is ... he's not so anxious anymore...

he's taking chances! real "dangerous" steps in his mind... like walking to school! this is a HUGE step for him... i know it sounds silly but really, as his mother i know what a big deal this was... granted it's not all the way to school, halfway... but still... halfway!!!

I'm slowly exhaling and my heart is bursting a little cause I'm so proud of him!

baby steps... :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Kid Update

My absence has been inexcusable.

Let me fill you in on what's happening with The Kid:

  • He has one tooth. One at the bottom. It's partner is taking so long to come through. He was completely miserable throughout. He now bites me. Often. Little snot.

  • He has discovered how to leopard crawl. You know, dragging himself along the floor by his arms. He's exploring everything, pulling the curtains, the plugs, the TV cables. And always wants to touch the heater. And cries and wobbles his bottom lip when I sternly say 'no, dont touch'.

  • He has been sick this last week. Flu and ear infection. He only wants his mommy, wants nothing to do with his father. Has been so miserable I have renamed him The Prince of Darkness. On the plus side, he now drinks his medicine out of a spoon (previously I had to use a syringe) and doesn't spill any. Think he might be becoming a Stopayne addict.

  • When he's really miserable I let him sleep between The Boyfriend and myself. He either sleeps right up against my back, or sleeps under his dad's armpit.

  • He's eating solids. Refuses vegetables. Only eats fruit and cereal. Still loves his milk. Toast and Bovril or toast and honey is the bomb, as far as he's concerned. Getting quite good at feeding himself from a selection of fruit pieces and little squares of toast. Even though a good portion of it gets mashed into his hair and on his lap.

  • He's sleeping through the night. From 6pm to 6 am. Every night. Bless.

Am a very grateful bad mommy. And all you others? What's new in your lives??