Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Knucklehead Update!!!

Well, my darling Damien is currently on the South African three week long, winter school holiday.
Oh joy (Damien's current favourite saying)...
A bored Damien is never a good thing- he has not yet found a job, his friends are not within walking distance, and I have not yet replaced/ refilled my fire extinguishers (yes I know- I'm a bad mommy), I just haven't got around to it!
He's just finished his second term exams at school too- and after the first term's disastrous test results this term had better be a vast improvement otherwise he's in trouble.
In other non-educational adventure news, the knucklehead and my Glugs get on famously. They laugh together over silly things like whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, and Damien's invention of the "Book Of Botanical Shit" which Glugs insisted he had the newest publication of in his bookshelf at home. Then Glugs and I are sitting downstairs watching a movie or TV and the Knucklehead is playing Warhammer upstairs on the PC and Glugs will be "summoned" to compare notes or point something out in terms of where Damien is supposedly kicking his butt in the game (they're both playing the game but with different armies).
Damien is a little apprehensive about our moving in with my Glugs in August/ September... As am I! Apart from dreading the packing up of almost 13 year's accumulated crap (thats how long we've been in our flat) I am more than a little wary of giving up my independence to move in with him. Damien is a little nervous simply because its a big change for him... he is excited about having a pool and his own bathroom though- and he's happy that our furbabies are going with us and he doesn't have to change schools.
And a couple of weeks ago we spent the long weekend in Durban and Damien got to "dive" in uShaka's shark tank! I haven't seen him so excited about something in a long time. Then the three of us did a "reef walk" with these heavy glass domes over our heads and a manta ray gliding over us! It was awesome, and Damien could barely contain himself!

And amazingly- and in a total first for Damien- he is still dating his girlfriend "Flower" after 4 months! As much as I wish he would stay single till he's at least 25, he's way too gawjiss for the girls to leave him alone... LOL!


Amber Rose said...

Wow, being in a shark tank...I would never have the guts.

sweets said...

that is such a cool pic!!!

things will be ok angel... i just know this :)

phd in yogurtry said...

That shark tank looks KEWL. I don't know that I would go down in it, either. Big maybe. But I think all of my kids would do it in a heartbeat.

angel said...

amber rose: i was thinking about doing it...

sweets: ta tjomma!

phd in yogurtry: it often amazes me how fearless the kidlets are!

ADD Tracy said...

OMG where have I been!!!
Your in love?
Your moving in?
Is this true?
How wonderful Angel!

I am sorry I missed the adventures leading up to this amazing turn of events but you are correct, I have been having a TOTAL BLAST being a grandma. It ROCKS!

Hey wanna know something interesting? Cody always has really sweet long term relationships with the nicest girls. I SO don't get it. He seems to have an amazing attention span for the ladies. Thank God our boys are so beautiful eh? I guess God gives a bit of an extra bonus in sweet ways.

Glad to see you all so happy my friend!
Blessings and a big ol HOWDY to our Damien.


ric said...

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