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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sweets update

Concerta turned out to be a kind of a blessing and a curse all mixed together in a white tablet to be taken once a day, with breakfast :)

it's about two weeks now that Kay's on the medication and although I'm trying soooooo hard to be negative about this... so i can just tell his doc..... sorry this drug is just not for my kid ok!?


it's kind of working... wonders

who knew?

the new focused super charged Kay is a easy child to live with, I never knew he was so all over the place until he wasn't anymore... he still eats his food, although a bit less, i noticed that... he's also struggling to sleep more than 6-8 hours at a time... i'll see more of the results with his school work next term, it's school holiday now... but the big breakthrough is ... he's not so anxious anymore...

he's taking chances! real "dangerous" steps in his mind... like walking to school! this is a HUGE step for him... i know it sounds silly but really, as his mother i know what a big deal this was... granted it's not all the way to school, halfway... but still... halfway!!!

I'm slowly exhaling and my heart is bursting a little cause I'm so proud of him!

baby steps... :)


phillygirl said...

Glad to hear it's working out for you both :)

angel said...

wow! thats so awesome sweets!!!
i am so excited for you and for kay!!!

phd in yogurtry said...

great news - here's hoping the good results remain steady! its always a tightrope, trying to decide on meds, but when they work it can mean amazing results.

Eve Grey said...

That's great, I'm glad it worked for him.
It made my daughter super anxious and she ate next to nothing. She has ADD but no hyperactivity and it just didn't work with her barin chemistry. We may try something else becuase her concentration did improve but not enough to mitigate the side effects.