Count the Bad Mommies

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three things that make me a Bad Mommy

Here are my three things :

1. I let Ciara sleep with me every single night. We have been living in our new house for just over two years, and she hasn't once slept in her own bed. I don't feel bad about it at all.

2. I let Ciara drink from a bottle until she was 6 years old. She enjoys lying down and drinking out of a bottle, so I let her. Her teeth are fine and I don't feel bad about it at all.

3. I sometimes (usually) give in to her pleas for material things. I buy her lots of stuff. She still seems to appreciate it. I feel a little bad about this one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

free fings... sweets

  1. I gave Kay a drag of my cigarette when he asked once, i still don't know if i should have or shouldn't have...

  2. I let my kids drive my car (while sitting on my lap) i do the peddles and they do the steering.

  3. When the boys have friends over for a sleepover I let them stay up all night... so i send back very tired and very cranky kids to their moms... i know... bad!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Three things I should feel guilty about, but don't

This is short and sweet from me this week...

1. I have never, ever considered using cloth nappies.

2. Jackson and I have crazy play just before bedtime, I know we should be quiet and all, but it's just SO MUCH MORE FUN to be loud and raucous.

3. I let Jackson have sips of wine, beer, champagne...whatever I'm drinking at the time. I always think that I am vaguely Italian while I am doing it because in Italy they give their children watered down wine with supper from a very early age.

Oh man, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am a bad Mommy.

Three Frowns For Bad Mommy

Keeping this list to three things I do that could be frowned upon was tough. Pretty much everything I do could probably be frowned upon. Fakkit, I'm doing more than 3.

1. I dont use bum cream every time I change his nappy. Actually, hardly ever. Only when he has a red bum.
2. I leave him unattended while I go outside and smoke. I leave him on the lounge floor, surrounded by toys and open plug points and cables.
3. I let my child suck the dog's pigs ear chew toy. Twice.
4. Sometimes I am too lazy to sterilise bottles, so just rinse out before using.
5. I let my child suck the floor tiles and drink bath water.
6. I sit my child in his Bumbo on the kitchen counter and leave him unattended while running his bath. He has fallen out once.
7. I left my child unattended on my bed. He fell off.
8. I left my child unattended on the changing table. He fell off.
9. I let my child eat dog biscuits.
10. I let my child gum my keys, even though they're probably the most germ-infested objects in the world.
11. If The Kid's dummy falls on the floor, I pop it in my mouth, give it a suck and hand it back to him. Apparently this should not be done.

How does that score on the badness scale?

3 things that could be frowned upon

My homework:

I smack

Don't hate me: I smack sometimes. Very occasionally. But yes, I smack. All the books say you shouldn’t. My heart tells me I shouldn’t. But I smack sometimes when things are getting out of hand. Like when Jonah bites Hannah because he feels like it, or when James taunts Hannah or Jonah because he can, or when James refuses, point blank, to tidy his room after I’ve asked him 50 times to do so, and then when he does, it’s with such an attitude that he throws things.

I let my kids eat a biscuit when they wake up

It all started as something I did when I was pregnant. I was avoiding coffee, so the only thing that would wake me up was a sugary biscuit. The children caught onto it and now it’s a tradition: they wake up, come into our bedroom and have a biscuit before they go and play.

I allow my children way too much leeway in the Sleeping-On-Their-Own department

James slept in our room, in a cot, until he was almost 2. Hannah slept in our bed until she was almost 3. Jonah has recently been moved to his own bed in James’s room but he has yet to spend an entire night there. I’ve also allowed them to manipulate me into lying next to them until they fall asleep: we did that with James and Hannah until they were 3. I just heard from my dad that he doesn’t do that when he babysits: he gives Jonah his bottle and then walks out of the room. Funny how he gets it right but I can’t…

To PET or NOT to PET

I watched as Max's tiny little body floated to the top ............of the fish bowl.......
Bon Voyage dear little friend.

I have on several occasions had to experience saying goodbye to my children's pets.

It is said that getting your children pets teaches them responsibility as well as how to deal with death.

I remember accidentally driving over my 10 year old dog. Oh my word it all plays back in slow mode to me. Everyone was standing outside it was horrific, (there was no blood just a quick bump and a silent death) and in a few seconds it was over my child came running down the drive way shouting "mommy why did you kill a family member" TALK about GUILT. This Bad mommy sobbed for days.

With the death of Max, my son all of a sudden took interest and BAM poor max was being paraded through the house on a fish net. It would have been fine if he was taken around for final farewells but no it was as if MAX had now become the science project before being flushed.

What exactly are we teaching our kids and when do we say NO MORE PETS.

I mean it is MOMMY who gets attached to the pets, and even though we tell our kids its your responsibility - its mommy that feeds the pet, potty trains the pet and picks ups all the POOP.

"Come and feed the cats... NOW" I have found this a common phrase used in our household. "BUT MOOOooom its your cats..." you see all of a sudden its mine.
Then my son came home "mom SO and SO has a snake i want a snake or a tarantula and if i cannot get one i will DIE.......... " well i tell you this is it I want to know from the other MOMMIES:

What is your opinion on pets - and your children's role in the new family members life. AND when do you say NO and HOW do you say NO to hairy and scaly pets without destroying your sons dreams of becoming a Nature conservationist.

look foward to hearing from you all.