Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, July 28, 2008

Three Frowns For Bad Mommy

Keeping this list to three things I do that could be frowned upon was tough. Pretty much everything I do could probably be frowned upon. Fakkit, I'm doing more than 3.

1. I dont use bum cream every time I change his nappy. Actually, hardly ever. Only when he has a red bum.
2. I leave him unattended while I go outside and smoke. I leave him on the lounge floor, surrounded by toys and open plug points and cables.
3. I let my child suck the dog's pigs ear chew toy. Twice.
4. Sometimes I am too lazy to sterilise bottles, so just rinse out before using.
5. I let my child suck the floor tiles and drink bath water.
6. I sit my child in his Bumbo on the kitchen counter and leave him unattended while running his bath. He has fallen out once.
7. I left my child unattended on my bed. He fell off.
8. I left my child unattended on the changing table. He fell off.
9. I let my child eat dog biscuits.
10. I let my child gum my keys, even though they're probably the most germ-infested objects in the world.
11. If The Kid's dummy falls on the floor, I pop it in my mouth, give it a suck and hand it back to him. Apparently this should not be done.

How does that score on the badness scale?


Jenty said...

LOL I love your list!!
And LOL that I can relate to most of them... done them too, plenty of times!

angel said...

omg you are so the president of this here club!!!


sweets said...

i think you're right up there!!! :)

maybe just try to limit the falling a bit? mwhahahahahahahhaa

The Jackson Files said...

God, I didn't even know that you were SUPPOSED to put bum cream on every time you change them.

Great list, I identify with rather a lot.

Ydnic said...

OH MY WORD - you gave birth to super child........ someone told me once your kids will survive you........ LOL - LOVED YOUR LIST

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Well when you put it this way...I've done most of these things, too.

Clearly we subscribe to the "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" philosophy :D