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Monday, July 28, 2008

To PET or NOT to PET

I watched as Max's tiny little body floated to the top ............of the fish bowl.......
Bon Voyage dear little friend.

I have on several occasions had to experience saying goodbye to my children's pets.

It is said that getting your children pets teaches them responsibility as well as how to deal with death.

I remember accidentally driving over my 10 year old dog. Oh my word it all plays back in slow mode to me. Everyone was standing outside it was horrific, (there was no blood just a quick bump and a silent death) and in a few seconds it was over my child came running down the drive way shouting "mommy why did you kill a family member" TALK about GUILT. This Bad mommy sobbed for days.

With the death of Max, my son all of a sudden took interest and BAM poor max was being paraded through the house on a fish net. It would have been fine if he was taken around for final farewells but no it was as if MAX had now become the science project before being flushed.

What exactly are we teaching our kids and when do we say NO MORE PETS.

I mean it is MOMMY who gets attached to the pets, and even though we tell our kids its your responsibility - its mommy that feeds the pet, potty trains the pet and picks ups all the POOP.

"Come and feed the cats... NOW" I have found this a common phrase used in our household. "BUT MOOOooom its your cats..." you see all of a sudden its mine.
Then my son came home "mom SO and SO has a snake i want a snake or a tarantula and if i cannot get one i will DIE.......... " well i tell you this is it I want to know from the other MOMMIES:

What is your opinion on pets - and your children's role in the new family members life. AND when do you say NO and HOW do you say NO to hairy and scaly pets without destroying your sons dreams of becoming a Nature conservationist.

look foward to hearing from you all.



Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i always had loads of pets as a kid. dogs, birds, frogs, snakes everything.

i had frogs in the bathroom.

used to rescue birds that fell out the nest.

it was great. it's so important to have pets growing up.

The Kid has a Jack Russel puppy called Earl. You should see The Kid's face when I let Earl in the house. he loves that damn naughty dog so much. Earl is the only one who is allowed to touch his face. Earl licks his face. The Kid cries when mommy tries to clean his face with a warm facecloth.

even though i have to feed the dog and pick up the dogshit and clean the piss on the carpets, it's worth it. worth it to see my kid so happy.

i say why not let your son get more pets. even if they land up being your burden, it makes him happy, no?

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

oh shoot, i didn't realise this was a homework question.

will have to re-formulate my comment into a blog post.

Ydnic said...

oh thats fine did i do it right?

Summer said...

Morning mommies & dads?? I like your blog.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

These are great questions, and very timely for us as my son is begging for a bird.

I will get my thoughts together and be back...

(P.S. SO sorry about your dog! Ugh, what a nightmare)

angel said...

you done great- and its a very cool question!