Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

free fings... sweets

  1. I gave Kay a drag of my cigarette when he asked once, i still don't know if i should have or shouldn't have...

  2. I let my kids drive my car (while sitting on my lap) i do the peddles and they do the steering.

  3. When the boys have friends over for a sleepover I let them stay up all night... so i send back very tired and very cranky kids to their moms... i know... bad!


The Jackson Files said...

Ha ha...I am also going to let my kid stay up all night when he has sleep overs.

Sweets, you are the MASTER.

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

that sounds like a plan...then maybe they wont let their kids come to my house...they'll say my kid must go there....and i get a free babysitter.

cant wait!

angel said...

lol... i only let damien "drive" my car a couple of times when he was little.
and i also let him and his friends stay up all night when they're with us- AND i feed them crap all night!

Twinklestar said...

My mom let me have a drag of her cig one day and I turned out alright...there were plenty of things she wouldn't let me do but I did them anyway!!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I'd say your #3 is pretty genius - like Expensive said, the other moms will start having your kids to their house instead!

Ali Blogger said...

1. My 4-yr-old doesn't have a bed time. He goes to sleep whenever I do, sometimes not till midnight.

2. He watches way too much tv.

3. I didn't breastfeed him.