Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bad Mommy Homework - Week 2

Again, this week's task takes the form of a questionaire.

1. What do you remember most clearly about the birth of your kid(s)?
2. What weird cravings did you have, if any?
3. What other names were you debating, before you settled on the name you did?
4. What's the hardest part about being a mommy?
5. How did becoming a mommy change you?
6. What advice would you give any future mommies-to-be?


Bridget said...

1 - I induced the burth of The Pickle because I had exams coming up and wanted it out of the way.

2 - I lived on Nando's extra-hot. Which I would chase with kiwis and litchis.

3 - I didn't settle on the name. The Dingbat kinda forced it on me. I wanted to call me bebe Denise.

4 - Having to put someone else's needs before your own. And waiting for them to become the nightmare you were to your parents.

5 - I never gave it a chance to really change me. It's only now that I am taking baby steps.

6 - If you want a child. Wait a couple of years. If you still want one then, get yourself into counseling for a year. If you still want one after that, don't expect the benefits to outweigh the sacrifices.

sweetass RSA said...

1. kay, it took 18 hours to push that boy out the natural way... argh... jay... it took met 6... with both i was just hugely glad that both were normal.

2. with kay i had no cravings, but with jay i made myself beans, potato and onion mix every single day with loads of pepper...

3. i thought kay was a girl and wanted to call "her" Jessie, with Jay I liked Jason.

4. the responsibility of being a single mom is overwhelming at times, i worry that i'm not giving them everything that they should have.

5. good question! i become a the opposite of selfish...

6. don't sweat the small stuff!