Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

homework... sweetass

hey bridge... what happened to questions like... how much weight did you pick up during your pregnancy or... when was the first time you had sex after having your baby... just kidding... really good questions...!

1. What was your biggest disappointment when you found out you were pregnant and how did you cope with it?

with kay i was disappointed cause we couldn't afford anything at that stage, we just started out and didn't really think having a baby would be such a huge step, stupid i know... VERY stupid... so among other things i had to have kay at a government hospital.... which was quite humbling but not as bad as one would imagine... so all's well that end's well right... with jay everything was planned so there was no disappointments, i just wasn't at at my ideal weight and really just missed 100kg before i had him ...oer

2. How have you managed, if you have, to retain the friendships of child-less friends?

all my school friends i lost or actually gave up... i started very early with kids, they all have babies now... and kay is 12... so huge gap and nothing really in common anymore... child-less friends... do i have any of those... lemme think... nope :-) if i had... i must have but just can't think now... i have every second weekend to myself when the kids go to their dad so i tend to use those weekends to overdo it

3. Have you acknowledged the mistakes you have made in raising your child, to your child?

hell yes... i make it very clear to them at every opportunity that i am only human, that i do my best but alas i am a female and human.... i don't admit every single mistake, but the stuff that should be acknowledged i do... can't always be right.

4. What is the best thing your kid's other parent has said about your parenting?

that i am always available to my kids, and that it's very obvious how much i love them both and that i'm a good mother

5. What is the worst?

oh fuck... that i'm not strict enough! that's so funny i'm rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off, he has no idea, and he's wrong btw ~ i don't want my kids to remember their childhood filled with doom and gloom and perfect manners, i just DON'T sweat the small stuff and the ex, well~ he just loooooooooves the small stuff


Bridget said...

Oh yes, pappies love the small stuff! Your answers are an education babe.

angel said...

very cool answers sweetass!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i'm so sick of being told I mother The Kid too much.

He's not even 3months old. how the fuck can you 'mother' a child so new too fucking much??

Kerryn said...

Loved your answers.
I read somewhere that we really need to keep ourselves in check about saying "NO" all the time.