Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Did My Bad Mommy Homework - Week 2

1. What do you remember most clearly about the birth of your kid?
Contrary to what seems to be popular belief about those first moments of a child’s birth and instinctual bonding and and and... I remember very little about when Damien was born. My mom says they gave him to me after I delivered and whilst they cut the chord and I held him and said he was beautiful- but the last thing I remember clearly is when my OBGYN said to me “look!” and as Damien was crowning all I saw was a mass of wet black hair! It was gawjiss! I wish I remembered more... anyone know if hypnosis works?

2. What weird cravings did you have, if any?
I didn’t really have cravings, not the type that send people out at 3am hunting for obscure culinary combinations... but I did eat a lot of Marie Biscuits! My second pregnancy... it was undeniably a craving for seafood, albeit short lived! I was quite astounded by the intensity of the need for fish and shellfish of any kind, samples in Pick ‘n Pay, on a pizza... anything!

3. What other names were you debating, before you settled on the name you did?
I loved “Damien” from the start. In fact, even before I fell pregnant I wanted to name my first son Damien. Damien’s father liked the name “Randy”, and if it was a girl he would have been either “Rochelle” or “Ronique”. There was no doubt in my mind though that he was a boy and I spoke to him as “Damien” from early on already.

4. What's the hardest part about being a mommy?
Um... is it still called infanticide if your child is already a teenager...?
The challenges are different all through your child’s life. It depends largely on how you raise your kidlets and how you handle things.
For me- I think the hardest part is Damien testing his boundaries. Trying to push my buttons to see how far he can get. And believe me when I tell you bunnies- all kidlets start doing this before they can talk and it never ever ends!

5. How did becoming a mommy change you?
Hhhmmm... how did it change me... well for one thing- as I was 17 when he was born I suddenly had to grow up REAL fast! I also have a dreadful temper and I’m immensely selfish- and I have to try and curb those feelings ALL the time. They’re still there, still a part of me, I have just kinda learned to suppress them. I mean, I cannot have myself going into a literally blind rage like I did at school if I get upset with Damien. I might do something I regret...

6. What advice would you give any future mommies-to-be?
If you’re not pregnant yet... wait. And then wait some more. There is never a “right time” to have a baby, but having a baby at the “wrong time” is REALLY REALLY easy!
If you’re already pregnant- make peace with the fact that your life will take a backseat to a large degree, for quite a long time.
Oh, and all those people who suddenly think they can touch you because you have a baby bump- just tell them they can’t!

Don’t let ANYONE kiss your baby!
And as for all the advice and ass-vice you WILL receive as a mommy and as mom-to-be, pay as much attention to it as the amount of money you paid to receive it!


Bridget said...

Oooh Ang! I loved your advice to new moms! Totally agree! You had Damien at 17? Yelp! I bow to you. You are so brave.

angel said...

bridget: why thank you b... then again, does vanity and an urge to prove everyone wrong equal braveness?

sweetass RSA said...

you are brave and a good mom... there deal with it ;-)

good post... good advice...!

CamiKaos said...

great advice to new moms!

Gin said...

nice advice from a hilarious, experienced and versatile mom!

angel said...

sweetass: thanx tjomma, i'm dealing i'm dealing!

cami: why thank you!

gin: teehee, thanx gin!

Nosjunkie said...

Angel this is great... I should not be reading this blog though as I think I am going throu an early life crisis... that or my bio clock has decided that now is the time to flaunt the vertility card... but I am broody as hell that coupled with my over emotional nature has me crying when I see kids...Anyway...

What second pregnancy?.... the fish one.... I didnt know you got pregnant again... what did I miss

angel said...

nosjunkie: sadly i was pregnant twice yes, i terminated the second one... you'd think i woulda learned eh?! i found out i was pregnant during a very bad break up in 1998. i don't talk about it much...
i think this is a great blog to read if you're broody girl!

yellowdog granny said...

great advice for new moms..i got married at 16 but didn't have my first one till i was one month shy of my 21st birthday.but i still was just a kid in so many ways..butthen again at 64 i still am...ha

angel said...

y.d.g.: mwaaaaahahahahahaaaaa... i'm also still growing up!