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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Pickle is a cheecky little sod

One of the biggest challenges of being a full-time mum is the visitation to the Alpha Parent.

The Pickle has been living with her Pappy since she was just a baby. It was because of circumstance that she ended up living with him, chief among which, was my going back to school.
Now she lives with me.

It’s been a sheer challenge.

Last weekend she visited her father for the first time this year. He had come over to see her for a day but this was their first weekend together.

The Pappy and I had agreed that he should stay away longer so that she gets used to being cooped up behind tall walls, electric gates, no pets, no farm animals and her new play school. But on Thursday The Pickle threw the biggest fit known to man.

She kicked, she creamed, she swore and ended the whole debacle spectacularly by throwing up. She wanted to see Gwenny (The Dingbat), and Papi and Mr Darcy (the cat I won’t allow in my house).

I let her go.

Now she is back.

Any form of routine we had established she has thrown out the window. She is back to waking up at 5am, playing her animation DVDs with the volume very high and demanding breakfast at 6am. She is refusing to eat the prepared supper, opting instead to demand all sorts of take out.

My patience is fizzling.

My daughter is a spoilt brat.

What are the laws on smacking em?


BecauseIcan said...

Kids are incredibly smart and it doesn't take them long to learn how to manipulate the "powers that be"...

It is a difficult one that only you will be able to effectively deal with.. But If you want my stinky armpit* on this then I think you need to take away all her privileges and make her earn each one back one privilege/toy at a time..
This will be tougher for you than her.. but if you can tough it out you will be pleasantly surprised..

As for hidings being legal or not..
I have told my boys that I will give them hidings.. illegal or no.. And if they want to report me to anyone they are free to do so..

But they must remember it will take whoever it is at least 20 minutes to get there...


* stinky armpit = opinion (we all have them)

Kerryn said...

Take a few deep breaths. Count to 10, then back again, then count to 20 . . . . and back again.

I don't have a stinky armpit (;-)) on this one.

Good luck though . . .

Bridget said...


I like your stinky armpit. Gearing up to get home and implement, "Operation One Up On The Pickle". Thank you.


That's OK hun. I was pretty stumped myself. Breathing, breathing...

angel said...

oh b... children are sent to try us.
can the pappy not try to stick to the same rules you implement when she's with you?

sweetass RSA said...




you make the rules, she should follow them, end of story.

who has custody, you? if so, you make the rules, pappy should follow them, end of story.

Nosjunkie said...

um no comment I dont have advice I shouldnt give advice anyway