Count the Bad Mommies

Saturday, February 9, 2008

bad mom, bad responder

Sorry to be getting in under the wire (or is it already next week in South Africa? I might already be a problem-causer...).

1. How is mothering, in reality, different from what you expected it to be?
Well, like Angel, because of TV I was sure my house would always look stylish & delightful, my hat-wearing husband would be charmingly sympathetic to my daily plight, and four-course healthy meals would magically appear in front of my fresh scrubbed polite little tots. That is not so in my real world.

2. What is something you, as a kid, vowed you would never say to your own kids? Have you kept the vow?
"Why can't you be like __________ (fill in the blank with the name of someone more sweet/compliant/well-dressed/academically motivated)?" I have absolutely kept that vow, as a mom and a teacher. Unless somebody is driving me up a wall, then I will break it out sarcastically in an attempt to lighten the mood...

3. If someone stopped in to your house for a surprise visit, would you be glad for the company, or self-conscious by the condition of your home?
Since I've gone back to teaching all day everyday, I would definitely be self-conscious about the unswept floors, sticky counters, and piles of dishes (that's just downstairs...), but I would also love the company.

4. If you had twins tomorrow (boy and a girl) and you got to name them without any input from anyone else, what would you choose?
Hmmm. Should I choose something that reflects the nightmarish idea of having two infants in my house tomorrow, or nicer, friendlier names? 'Doom' and 'Gloom' seems too mean; I'd go with 'Gage' & 'Lucy.'

5. Did you suffer from postnatal depression?
Sadness about being in that frumpy land between darling maternity clothes and my old hottie jeans, yes, but nothing debilitating, thank God. I am immensely sympathetic with those who do.


katydidnot said...

you are such a good bad mom.

stephanie said...

Shhh. You're totally ruining my rep.

But thanks - you are, too. Let's hug!

angel said...

oh i am SO with you on #2!! i had a few arguments with my mother as a tween and new teen regarding her habit of doing that- she stopped... but still!