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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A close shave

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Black as White
: Chapter 25 - A benediction

The humming machines, surrounding the sleeping and heavily bandaged child are starting to get to the woman who sits typing away on her computer and she frowns a little looking over at the man who sits close to the bed, holding the sleeping child’s hand in his and looking tortured.

It’s been a trying couple of days.

The phone call from a derange Dingbat with the curt instruction, “Get to Such and Such Hospital Pickle is dying” had embedded an unbelieving fear in her heart. By the time she arrives in hospital, the doors to the operation room have been firmly shut and The Dingbat sits on a bench in a waiting room looking lost. Lebo is clutching her hands in silent prayer and jumps to her feet when the woman rushes in.

“What is happening, where is she? What happened?” the questions are quick, fired in staccato fashion, commanding results.

“She is in theater sisi! She was ran over by a car. Her legs are broken and the doctors say there is something wrong with her head,” in her distress Lebo has abandoned English, and replies in her Sesotho, a language the other woman barely understands.

The Dingbat makes a half hearted attempt to get up, she slumps back in her chair and for the first time in years, she calls her daughter by her preferred name, “Bridget, my child …” the younger woman looks away.

Not now mother, she is thinking. Not now.

Whirling she makes for the nurses station. It’s a futile walk she knows, the doctors working on The Pickle will not be available. The only option is a vigil.

“Who are the doctors working on the little girl who just came in?” she asks the competent looking nurse who reels off an impressive sounding list. Jotting them down on the notebook the woman must have grabbed out of habit she asks, “Do you guys have wireless Internet in this hospital?” The answer is yes. Thank God for medical aid, Al Gore and the forward thinkingness of the man who decided to put a coffee shop in the hospital.

Flicking open the borrowed cellphone she has been using she starts making calls.

“Pappy, our little girl in hospital, being operated on …” She doesn’t get to finish, before the volley of questions begins. She tries to answer them but she is on edge.

“Just get here dammit!”

“S4, get to Such and Such hospital, Pickle was in an accident. I need you. And bring me a laptop please.”

“Lovely 1, Pickle is in Such and Such hospital. Please round up the girls, it looks bad. I need you guys.”

Heading back to the waiting room she watches he mother crying with aloofness. Not just yet.

“Did you let Daddy know?” she asks looking at The Dingbat who nods looking stricken.

When S4 arrives, followed closely by three terrified-looking women they all converge on her and surround her with love. For the first time since she has had the news, she is sobbing.

The group practically carries her out to a nearby restaurant and order her a drink.

“For the shock hun, medicinal,” Lovely 2 says in an attempt to lighten the mood. They head back to the hospital with sandwiches for Lebo and Dingbat.

The young woman pulls out the laptop and tells her blogging chums. She chats to a friend who is in England, she chats to another friend. Any one. Take me away from here WWW.

The Pappy arrives, he is sobbing, he wants answers, we have none. Bringing up the rear is The Bells, my father, the man capable to kissing away my fear. He kisses my forehead and says, "I'm here and your mother is sorry."

Seven hours after walking into the hospital, the doctors come into the waiting room.

“Who are the parents?” One asks the assembled group. The Pappy jumps up and looks at me expectantly. I stand up, then immediately collapse back into the chair. The laptop has crashed on the floor.

Jesus no. Please no.

“She is going to be fine.”

It’s a like a benediction.

At 4 in the morning The Pickle wakes up.

“Mammo? Can Mr Darcy come live with us please?”

I’m sobbing as I answer yes. I hate cats, but I love my daughter.


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...


what happened?

our thoughts are with you, wishing The Pickle a speedy recovery....

angel said...

oh b... you have been in my thoughts so much today, i bawled all through this post and i am just SO glad she is going to be okay!

The Divine Miss M said...

I'm so glad she is going to be ok! My thoughts are with you guys and I am so sorry that you had to and are still going through this.


Bridget said...

CT - Car accident babe. Thanks for for thoughts.

Angel - You never cry ... please don't tell me you cried. You're making cry!

Miss M - Thank you so much hey. Back at work today, it had to happen at a time when even I know I can't really take off. Parentals and Pappy still here though so it helps.

Boobah's Mom said...

How horrible!! And at the same time it's wonderful that she's okay...

We are thinking of you, Boobah and I. Hope everything goes marvelous and she gets better REAL soon.