Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here Follows Your Angel Assignment

Whew... my turn... this was rather daunting- coming up with a decent set of questions after answering all the others already posted! I hope I don't disappoint... and feel free to answer them in the comment section of you are NOT a bad mommy blogger.




1. Do you remember a particular incident or moment from your own childhood that has influenced the way you raise your offspring?

2. Have you started some kind of savings plan or investment thingy for when your kidlet(s) wants to go to college or varsity?

3. Do you think it’s possible to let go of “mommy guilt”, to forgive yourself and move on, to do better?

4. How long after giving birth did you want to have sex?


Bridget said...

Well it's not like we don't have hard enough lives is it Angel, you have to go and make it harder by asking these questions!

amanzimtoti said...

When I was about 13, I got stroppy with my dad about something and he smacked me in the face. I have never gotten over that and have vowed to never hit my children out of anger. I believe you should only hit on the backside and in a formalised manner (one warning, then 'I warned you and you didn't listen so now I'm going to give you a hiding', then the hiding, then console) and so far so good. It's very difficult to do because my heart breaks when I have to give my son a hiding or when my boyfriend has to discipline my 'step kids', but in the long run it's better because you don't end up getting angry and frustrated with them. That kind of emotional tension is far worse than getting a hiding. Also, they take you seriously so you only ever have to do it a few times. Also they understand that they are being disciplined, not getting smacked out of anger.

Janine Dunlop said...

1. My mom was (and still is) ultra-cautious. Her favourite word is "careful", as in, "Careful, you'll fall!"/"Careful, you'll hurt yourself!" Because of that, I've made a point of downplaying it when my kidlets get hurt while they're playing and allowing them to explore and sometimes get hurt. 2. Nope. My in-laws tried to start something for James, my oldest, but they money has just been lying there in the same account ever since he was born. Oops. Bad mommy.
3. No answer for this one, because I struggle with it daily. I know 'in my head' that I should just make peace with my choices, but I just can't make my heart agree.
4. People want to have sex after giving birth??????? Why didn't anyone tell me?????????

BecauseIcan said...


And here i was racking my brain for questions thinking It was my turn and I was letting the team down for being late!!!...LMFAO!!