Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I cant believe there are so many questions...

1. How is mothering, in reality, different from what you expected it to be?

Very.... I expected foot rubs, dishes sorted, clean home.. with other words little slaves...

2. What is something you, as a kid, vowed you would never say to your own kids? Have you kept the vow?

Oh boy, I vowed I would never stand on the balcony and holler Briggieeeeeeeeee!! for the whole neighborhood to hear.. I can safely say I have not done this..

3. If someone stopped in to your house for a surprise visit, would you be glad for the company, or self-conscious by the condition of your home?

Self Conscious - Unless its Tuesday or Thursday ( maria comes out of her hole and does her voodoo on my chaos).. Otherwise its tea in the garden... :-)

4. If you had twins tomorrow (boy and a girl) and you got to name them without any input from anyone else, what would you choose?

Thats Easy.... chicken and egg ... depends on who comes first!

5. Did you suffer from post natal depression (this is an awful boring question but I always wonder about this cause I didn't suffer myself)?

Naaa, I don't think I did.. I did suffer from "I hate my In laws so much I wish it was legal to shoot them" syndrome but I finally conquered that with a simple divorce :-)



PSM said...

Hi Sheena,

I must admit I haven't been stalking you as much lately either. I kept up with you enough to realize you're about to completely dominate the internet.

As usually, I still love your style of writing and your honesty. Keep up the good work.


BecauseIcan said...

Thanks PSM...

I am sure Sheena will appreciate the compliment..

I feel though that I can thank you in her stead if you don't mind... :-)


P.S. Feel free to stalk me anytime..

Bridget said...

Hee hee hee!

B, you're a princess. Thanking is people's steads! Ha!

On motherhood ... nowver holler! Never!


angel said...


chicken and egg eh??!?

PSM said...


I understand now. I'm a typical male at times. I jump in head first without fully comprehending what I'm doin'. Sheena is a contributor. She left a post, on my less than respectable Blog, that was linked to this one, and so on and so on.

I do have a few bad daddy stories.

Marsupial Man is known to screw up royally at times.

Take care y'all,


stephanie said...

I love your answer to #4 - you could totally solve one of life's mysteries!

And #5...kinda sad but so so funny :)