Count the Bad Mommies

Friday, February 1, 2008

interrogation... you've never been in my hotseat

Homework assignment #3... apparently this one was difficult. I think it is my squeaky clean wholesome goody goodness *giggle* that makes these questions so easy for me to answer...

What was your biggest disappointment when you found out you were pregnant and how did you cope with it?

That I spent 7 months puking at the drop of a hat. I was in a good place, in a good relationship. I was disappointed at all, we were happy… but oh the “morning” sickness made me want to hurt people.

How have you managed, if you have, to retain the friendships of child-less friends?

It hasn’t been a problem. Most of our good friends were happy to have K be a part of their life. She has a bunch of extra aunts and uncles.

Have you acknowledged the mistakes you have made in raising your child, to your child?

Yes. She knows I‘m not perfect. I hope it gives her a better view of humanity and a better ability to admit her own mistakes.

What is the best thing your kid's other parent has said about your parenting?

That I am an amazing mother

What is the worst?

Nothing too bad, that I spoil her.

I’m soooooooooooooo boring.


angel said...

you spoil her do you?!?!??

stephanie said...

If you're boring, I'm comatose. :)

CamiKaos said...

angel: um... duh.

steph: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......... huh what... no.. no stephanie... you aren't. at all. I can tell... you have the look of a wild woman... I am afraid for my safety if I go to blogher and party with you.

that sounded snarky. I don't think I meant it to be... but I'm too lazy to write another reply...

Bridget said...

Hee hee hee. Not a chatty one are you Cami? Don't spoil her!! Sies!