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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bad mom seeks amusing moments

So, I haven't done last week's homework and I'm late with this week's assignment. Clearly I am cut out for the Teacher of the Year award, right after Best Mom Ever.

Regardless, here we go.

Please tell us about something your child(ren) said that was supremely amusing. Embarrassing is also fun.

Okay, me first.

One from the archives of my son's many hilarious exchanges:
When my son was about 3, I was getting him some applesauce when he passed gas. I asked what he should say; he replied "Thank you." Realizing I had kind of confused him I then said, "But what do you say after farting?" My charmer - "You're welcome!"

Paige once finished her dinner then lifted her shirt and announced, while pointing to her stomach, "I have an empty space shaped like dessert right here!"


angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... thats awesome!

zoeyjane said...

BAH! i'm so using that - I have an empty space, shaped like a screwdriver, right here!

evancalous said...

I am stealing Paige's line, too!

Boobah's Mom said...



I love it! That is definitely one to remember!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

gonna skip this week's homework - my kid isn't talking yet..

he did say 'oink' the other day, but i'm sure that was totally accidental.

:) said...

your children are brilliant:-)

c@th said...


okay. well.

during the throes of potty training, as you well know, everything and EVERYTHING in the world revolves around pooh, weewee and everything that goes with it. including exclamations of great joy and wonder when we have done our business and in the right place!

the classic being. a sunny saturday morning, as we are getting ready to go to the pharmacy, i am doing my 'ablutions', and being avidly watched like a barney dvd, by the 2 year old pumpkin i call cameron.

i finish, she inspects and we flush and off we go to the pharmacy.

we walk into the pharmacy, pharmacist (who i pay my salary directly to every month and who i see more of than any family member) says 'oh hello cameron. how are you?'

she responds:

"mommy did a BIG pooh!"

stephanie said...

My daughter will be pleased you're using her line (and I'm glad you're not taking my son's...).

Expensive: I apologize for leaving you (and the other moms of not-yet-talkers) out of the homework loop!

Cath: So very sorry; kids are brilliant at reality talk eh?