Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, March 31, 2008

bad mommy homework

I've never told you this, but your name is actually the beginning and the end of all things. To some, they think it means 'crooked nose' but, it actually symbolises the two of us, and together, it made you. The first three letters of your name, particularly.




3 comments: said...

I'm so not good at this...

I was going to say "cashew" but I seriously doubt that's what it is.

I give up:-(

angel said...

ooer, i'm at a loss here...
ok- i cheated- i googled names with a particular meaning...

c@th said...

wahaah cashew!!! can i be funny honest and say that i was ADDICTED to them when pregnant. and still am. but badly addicted.

it really is my daughter's name - cameron.

c= catherine
a = and
m = matthew

we left the eron up to her to fill in one day as she grows.

evenmoreso, we had battled for months to agree on/contemplate a name, and it just fitted one evening on the couch.