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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not so much bad, as stupid

Last week Friday, I had a really stupid mommy moment.

I go off to fetch Ciara from school, and arrive promptly at 12:30 when all the short ones are leaving for the day.
So I wait and wait, and then wait some more and still no sign of Ms. Ciara anywhere. So when I am the last-lone momma I decide that maybe she went off to aftercare.

I walk up to the cafeteria (which coincidentally is 400 miles from the gate) and cannot find her anywhere.

At this stage mild panic starts to set in. I go to the office and ask where her teacher is so that I can find my child. Another teacher asks what her last class was, and I am directed to that area.

When she is not there - major panic sets in and I am physically unable to breathe. I'm ever so slightly starting to lose any grip I once had on my sanity.

I go back to the office to find if they have had any luck locating the teacher and I'm ready to burst into tears. I whip all who cross my path into a frenzy about my missing child.

I am able (somehow) to make the decision to check the gate one last time.

Relief floods over me in tsunamis when I see her little blond head milling about with the other stragglers.
I phone the office, and timidly advise that I have found her and they can cancel the fricken bright red alert on my missing child.

I hug her tightly and ask where the feckin hell she has been.

Hindsight makes me feel rather foolish and paranoid and stupid.
I hate Hindsight.
She's a bitch.


sweets said...

that relief is unreal!!... i once thought i lost my son in a huge department store... i thought i was going to go insane! the little bugger was hiding... i could have killed him... after i kissed him a million times ;)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

did i miss something??

where was she??

angel said...

ooh! ooh!

jumping up and down with my hand in the air...

i been there girl, over and over again!!!

Sheena Gates said...

you took away your shout box :( it was, like, mine! since i was the only one who used it.

hee hee.

#176 worst: finally finding the right type of guy, then meeting his girlfriend

Sheena Gates said...

oh shoot!

wrong blog!!!!!!

fok. sorry girls.


Sheena Gates said...

what I MEANT to say was, Kerryn aren't you SO relieved?! God I would have a heart attack. Then slap the kid upside the head.

Kerryn said...

Sweets : Did I not mention I lost her in Edgars too . . . .

Exmi : She was having a chat with a friend where I couldn't see her while I was waiting, and we took two different routes around the same area - so missed each other :-)

Angel : Yay - I'm not the only one!

Sheena : #177 Un-fricken-believable - Finally finding the right guy and meeting his boyfriend.

Sheena : No worries love (get used to that said in deep Australian twang!) I gave her a good talking to when we got in the car, but I was just so relieved, I couldn't even be angry