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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bottled Up and Ready for Take Off!

Today you are: 19 1/2 months (a year and 7 1/2 months) old.

At this exact moment, you are: SLEEPING! Woohoo! Sorry sweetie, you'll understand when you have your own.

These days, you like to wear this:

Absolutely nothing.

You would rather be naked.

Your favorite t.v. shows are: “Wow Wow Wubzy”, “Blues Clues”, and “Oswald”

You love to: run around in circles in the living while laughing. You LOVE to be outside playing with rocks, sticks and sand tools. You LOVE animals and giggle every time you see them, point to them and say what they are: “gaie” (“doggy”), “elf” (“elephant”), “khhhh” (“kitty”). You LOVE books and dancing to music. You love "Mimi" and "Raju" (family dogs).

You say this a lot: “Dai” (“Daddy”) every time you see him. Other things you say a lot: “Bebe" ("baby" - it started with pix of yourself and now to all babys), “Hi” and now it's "no, no, no" to EVERYthing.

Your favorite foods are: pears, apples and broccoli. You'd prefer green beans to ice cream. Whose kid are you anyway?!

Your favorite characters are Wubzy and Elmo.

Your favorite toy is this:

You have 1001 toys, but you'd rather play with my phone. I guess I would too -

I love you to death, but you do much of this: eat rocks, grab for EVERYthing, need my attention 200% of the time! (it’s okay – you’re suppose to - and most of the time - I love to give it to you.)

You’re a great kid because of this:
you’re extremely loving, affectionate, sweet, intelligent, funny, happy, cuddly, soft…perfect!

I can’t believe your doing this:
know the words for so many things we didn’t even knew you knew! Smart kid! (“Mou” for “Mouth”, “Blue” for “Balloon”...and so many more!).

I LOVE when you: laugh, smile, squeeze your baby or bear really hard, twisting side to side; I loved when you shook your head from side to side really fast while smiling really big and rocking out to Michael Jackson in your grandparents minivan; I love when you eat! I love that you are SO determined to do the most challenging of things for your size and age like run around the park with a ball 1/2 your size, picking it up every time you drop it, still convicted to your mission; picking yourSELF up every time you fall. I love your little snore and how when you’re sleeping you look the same as you did when you were born. I love when you call me “mai” (“mommy”) – finally.

Something I am wearing these days that will probably make you laugh some day are these:

Didn't you know that your mother was a rock star?! Girl - you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Something y
ou are struggling with presently that I wish I could help you with:

Keeping you busy! I'm tryin' kid!

This is an article from a magazine or newspaper describing an event that happened today or around this time:

I just copied an excerpt of what I believe to be the most important part:

Posted: 08:19 PM ET

(CNN)—Democrats continue their money race following the release of their March fundraising totals. In the latest installment of CNN=Politics Daily, CNN’s Dan Lothian reveals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s totals.

Regardless of who Democrats eventually pick to be their nominee, they have made history with a female candidate and an African American candidate. Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider reports on new poll numbers which show whether Americans are ready to make history electing a woman or an African American.

–CNN's Emily Sherman

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