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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

time capsule homework!

Today you are 2 years and 9 months old.

At this exact moment, you are sleeping, finally hehe.

These days, you like to wear this: your princess skirt. constantly. and a stripy shirt.

Your favorite t.v. show(s) or movie is Barney. Thomas the Tank Engine. The most annoying Kidsongs dvd of all time, Cool Cats and teletubbies

You love to play with balloons, are OBSESSED with playing with coins and you love your dolls so much.

You say 'and then' alot right now.

Your favorite food these days is begables, cheese and vegetarian nuggets with mayonnaise.

Your favorite character from a show or movie is Barney. definitely. You kiss him alot.

This is your favorite toy: your 'moneys'. i have no idea why.

I love you to death, but I really wish you would stop throwing tantrums and screeching when I say no. I know it's genetic and you can't help it, but sheesh. I think you're better than me at it, and thats saying ALOT.

You're a great kid because you are so full of love

I'm amazed that you speak so well. your vocabulary is phenomenal. Moreover, your ability to express, define and explain the reasons for your emotions supercedes my alleged adult ability to do so daily.

I love when you put your little arm around me and say " i love you big bubbles mommy"

Something I’m wearing these days that will probably make you laugh some day: the pinafore dress i wore to work today

Something you are struggling with presently that I wish I could help you with: missing your dad

This is an article from a magazine or newspaper describing an event that happened today or around this time: Robert Mugabe, it seems, has had his reign over Zimbabwe ended.

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"i love you big bubbles mommy"