Count the Bad Mommies

Thursday, July 17, 2008

seven things i cannot do since i became a mama...

1. Not be a kidlet person. I was the worst type of kidlet person. I could never understand why or how ANYONE would want to have a snot-nosed brat. Never mind two. Or god and heavens above, three, four or any number of them. Nowadays, you can't pass me in the street without me wanting to peer into your bundled package of cuteness.

2. Cook and eat a three-course meal. Nobody gets the chance to do the great big cookup and sitdown nowadays. wah. In my world, a sandwich and an orange make a good meal. Mind you, that's still pretty healthy.

3. Have cupboards that stay ordered. Heh. Anyone who has an inquisitive three-year old knows what I'm talking about.

4. Read and finish a book. I miss reading for days on end like I used to do! I get all my lit-love online nowadays.

5. Be sick and stay in bed. You know that saying 'no rest for the wicked'? yeah. no rest for sick mommies, hey.

6. Sleep in. Even if Cam isn't with me for a weekend and is with her dad, my brain wakes me up, every time, by 6am. Sob.

7. Work late. Wahaha. I have no idea why i feel bad about this.



The Jackson Files said...

I so get the cupboard thing...COMPLETELY.

angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa... i'm with you on every single one of these points!

sweets said...

we are all the same person, it's incredible :)