Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bad Mommy Homemork: Bridget Asks The Questions.

The format of these is really simple. I'm the Bad Cop as well as the Good Cop. This is an Interrogation Chamber! You answer my questions! End of story.

1. What was your biggest disappointment when you found out you were pregnant and how did you cope with it?

2. How have you managed, if you have, to retain the friendships of child-less friends?

3. Have you acknowledged the mistakes you have made in raising your child, to your child?

4. What is the best thing your kid's other parent has said about your parenting?

5. What is the worst?


lewisham kate said...

Hi all, Love your blog. Been coming by for a little while and really enjoy reading. ;0)

sweetass RSA said...

good lord bridget, couldn't you have asked any more difficult questions... sheesh... i'll have to think about this...

Bridget said...

kate - Thank hun, please hang around. I think all the mommies are having a good time with this.

RSA - Ask K & J to help you with the homework! Don't they always ask ask to help?

angel said...

holy crap bridget... you really do want me to think about this don't you!