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Monday, January 28, 2008

I Told Him The Kid Wasn't His

Mr Thrills and I had a rip-roaring argument this weekend. Cant really remember what it was really about, but I think it was set off by him losing the car keys and expecting me to find them. (Along with blaming me for losing them).

I did the usual tantrum related stuff - kicked his braai kit across the courtyard and poured juice on it, then bounced the cup along the paving. I slammed his car door, poured juice on the carpet in the garage and broke a glass or two.

I packed my bag, and a million bags for The Kid (how much shit do babies actually have!?) and sat waiting by the front door on the couch (the couch had no cushions, Mr Thrills had thrown them all off in his huff to find his keys) for my step-father to fetch me.

Mr Thrills took The Kid out of his playset and refused to give him to me. Telling me I wasn't going to take his kid away from him.

Mr Thrills: You're not taking my kid away from me.

Me: I am. Give him here.

[repeat the above one hundred times]

After that kind of kindergarten mentality argument, I swiftly snatched The Kid away and spat 'he's not even your child anyway!'.

He looked at me in shock for a second and asked 'whose is he then?'

I said: 'Dave's'. [Everyone has been joking recently that because The Kid looks like he has a slight ginger tint to his hair, that it must be Freckle Dave's kid]

He sat down on the floor and started laughing.

Didn't believe me at all.

Yet a few months before The Kid was born, every time we had an argument it was 'I bet you that child's not even mine'. And I would tell him he could have paternity tests until they ran out of paternity tests. The results would always be the same.

We fight an awful lot. All the time. Constantly. We fight about nothing. We fight about fighting. We fight about everything.

Is this normal?


angel said...

oh my god i am so glad i didn't stay with damien's father...
i have no idea what's normal when it comes to parenting as a couple!!!


Bridget said...

Oh lord, this sounds bad. Awful.

I hope you've all calmed down.

Kerryn said...

Normal? What's normal? You are both young and strong willed. It's natural to fight, maybe not that much though!

All the best, hope you guys work it out!

Goblin said...

Well, The Kid aside, we fight that much around here, have been for four and a half years now, but that's because it works for us.
The fighting allows a little time of clearing the air of whatever and then it's all good again.
I'm not really concerned about what's normal because we're both happy and love each other so it works.

Goblin said...

Pressed enter before I was finished there :(

If it works for you then no worries, if it doesn't, then try and find a way to get to something that does.
Although with The Kid, maybe a sound proof fight room would be a good idea too ;)

sweetass RSA said...

when's the last time he shagged you... LOL... seriously i think you guys need time to get away... and shag... LOL

remember it's two different worlds, being bf and gf and now... mommy and daddy... huge, give yourself time to adjust and try not to be supersensitive about every little thing, same goes for him too... even more so