Count the Bad Mommies

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Heeeeeeere's Damien!

and Angel of course... as per the tag...

1. Post a picture of your kid.

2. Tell us all 3 things we wouldn't know about you.
I never brush my hair
I only shave if I know I’m going to have sex
I love spiders but a flying ant can send me screaming

3. Tell us some things we wouldn't know about your kid.
Damien has watched the X-Files TV series so many times on DVD he can recite almost every episode!
He has watched the Matrix trilogy more times than I can count. He loves certain moves, and DSTV’s Animax... but I have to practically beg him to sit and watch TV with me so I’ve never been able to use it to “keep him busy” (bad mommy style).
Even at almost 17 years old he still loves to build his LEGO.
He never stops drawing- this is SO not an exaggeration...
He has always been a water baby... he’ll swim at the drop of a hat and he’ll bath or shower several times a day if given the opportunity.

He's never slept much... even as a baby.
He's very particular over what he wears and always has been... even when he looks like he just crawled out of a dumpster!

4. What quote/saying best describes the way you feel about being a mommy?
The best thing about being a mom…
Loving this intensely, deeply, unconditionally, madly.
The scariest thing about being a mom…
Loving this intensely, deeply, unconditionally, madly.

5. Who's your Famous Mommy Role Model (haha, like there actually are any good celebrity mommies)

Angelina Jolie of course! She even looks like me!

6. If you could have one wish granted for your kid(s), what would it be?
That he can have the career he wants and like it no matter how much he earns or where he ends up living!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

hello angel and damien....:)

Goblin said...

Oooh you're a contributor here now too, awesome!

Bridget said...

We already know this not so little munchkin! Hey Damien!

sweetass RSA said...

the legend that is Damien... he is one cool kid... fact... you've done a good job Angel, never doubt that for a sec! said...

Brush, shave, what? I thought you only did that stuff before having kids! Then again - I don't even think I did it then!

I love your answer to #4. Beautiful.

Nice to meet you Angel:-)