Count the Bad Mommies

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

introducing ... kay and jay......!!

aka (names deleted)... the sweet offspring of sweetass...

post a picture of your kid... i have two kidlets... i refer to them as my beasties... couldn't post a just one so here's two photos... i think they are so bloomin beautiful!

Tell us all 3 things we wouldn't know about you:

oh dear... here goes

  • i don't own a vibrator... i really should go buy one... sorry is this too un~mommy~like??... sorry if it is... you asked after all
  • i have a really really bad temper... i hate that about myself
  • i've never done drugs... tried weed with no effect...nada...

Tell us some things we wouldn't know about your kidS:

  • they love motorbikes... they now each have one of their own... luckily i have a good medical aid
  • both my kids have my temper, i am irish after all... it doesn't help that their daddy also has a horrible temper, even worse than mine, so .... sigh... not good
  • onto better things: kay will tell me he loves me about 20 times a day... love that about him
  • jay is very lazy and has a way with his mommy... i end up doing everything for him
  • they are addicted to playstation, psp and dvd's... it's a sickness i tell ya
  • both of my kids love fruit... probably because i force fed them the stuff since birth
  • they love to sleep in my bed, i've started to break that habit slowly but surely
  • they both hate school
  • kay has a very good sense of humour
  • jay is a true gentleman, he will do things for me without me asking
What quote/saying best describes the way you feel about being a mommy?
i don't know what i would have done without my kids... it's not a saying or a quote, i just say it lots and lots...
Who's your Famous Mommy Role Model:
if i HAVE to... madonna or julia roberts... no particular reason they just seem to do the mommy~thing quite well and with dedication...
If you could have one wish granted for your kid(s), what would it be?
that they find peace with themselves at an early age and live every second to the fullest... and probably most of all i wish they'll be happy... ok that's more than one wish but i'm a mama one wish is not good enough!! to summarise... i hope they never have any regrets about anything!


angel said...

two awesome boys i tell ya- i love how they love their mommy and worry about her when they're not around!

Bridget said...

Hey Kay and Jay!