Count the Bad Mommies

Friday, January 18, 2008

Introducing Ciara

1. Post a picture of your kid.

2. Tell us all 3 things we wouldn't know about you.

I have absolutely no sense of colour coordination or interior design. I just can't see it when colours don't 'go'.
I'm a 'toy' junkie. I love electronics and kids toys. I can't help myself.
I love maths :-)

3. Tell us some things we wouldn't know about your kid.

Ciara is seven and still sleeps in my bed. She is afraid to put her head under water. I still bath her every night. She loves to read and can read almost fluently. She's the best kid I could ever have wished for.

4. What quote/saying best describes the way you feel about being a mommy?

"Mothers are all slightly insane" ~ J.D. Salinger

5. Who's your Famous Mommy Role Model (haha, like there actually are any good celebrity mommies)

Don't really have one. If I really had to pick, I guess I would say Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Garner.

6. If you could have one wish granted for your kid(s), what would it be?

Hmm, my maternal instinct would be that her heart never got broken. But that teaches us something. I guess it would be that she got to live a full, and wonderful life, complete with sorrow and heartbreak but emerge from her teens and twenties a happy and centred human being who was kept safe until she dies peacefully in her sleep from natural causes with all her faculties at 85.


Bridget said...

Hello Ciara! You're one cute kiddo sweety!

The Divine Miss M said...

She looks beautiful!

angel said...

oh she'd beautiful- well met i say!

Kerryn said...

Thanks all.
I think she is beautiful, but I'm a little biased :-)