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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Pickle is smoking

I found The Pickle with a stump of cigarette, a lighter and a cheeky grin on her face.

I didn't know what to do. (This was amended from "don't know what to do". I actually meant, at that time, I had no clue what to say and do.)

To make matters worse, I finally let her pathetic Pappy come and see her last night. So when we discovered this little scene, he rounded on me so fast I was afraid I was going to get blown away.

“What the fuck are you doing letting her smoke?” He asks of me in high dungeon.

Yes, you moron, I am letting my 5-year-old demon smoke!

So now I have moved the smokes out of reach in the back porch where I smoke and administered the little lecture for The Pickle.

I think that is enough.


The Divine Miss M said...

I'm sorry that is actually fairly amusing.

I think kids like emulate their parents. When I was little my folks would find me holding a beer can with a little bit in the bottom trying to drink it.

Perhaps try not to let her see you smoke? Then she won't think it's fine and acceptable?

Goblin said...

Oooh curiosity is not always a wonderful thing.

Bridget said...

Miss M - I dunno hey. I don't exactly want her thinking smoking is uncool and not acceptable. Te little zit might turn around and organize and intervention for me to quit or something! You get? But will obviously make sure henceforth she cannot go around being a copy cat, etc etc.

Golbin - No, unfortunately, it isn't!

The Divine Miss M said...

@bridget - but smoking isn't cool and shouldn't be acceptable! Do you really want your child smoking when she grows up?!

Come on, even though we all smoke at some point or time we do all also know that it is dangerous and killing us!

I'd definitely want my kid to realise how uncool and horrid smoking is even if I was still addicted to it!

Bridget said...

Miss M - Mhh ... I guess this is why I am a bad mommy. Personally I love smoking. It's a personal choice. People shouldn't soapbox about it. But, well, to each her own.

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

what the fuck is Pathetic Pappy doing using language like that in front of The Pickle?

Sometimes men can be so stoopid. Like you would let your child smoke.

Miss M: mommies have to have something to keep them sane. smoking is it.

Bridget said...

EM - I know! Totally stoopid!

angel said...

holy crap and i thought i was a bad mommy!
funny enough- the first time i caught damien was when he was about 5 too... i was hanging washing, and flicked the butt over the wall while i was busy- and when i stepped out of the washing line area, damien had the butt!!!

and i hope you smacked the pappy for being so childish!!!

BecauseIcan said...

They say we should teach by example...

But I think thats all a bunch of bullpoo... If thats the case then why dont we just let all the kids in the world have sex whenever they want and hit the pubs with us etc??

My boys aren't even allowed coffee .. I told them that they can have coffee when they have to stress about where the rent money will come from.. Till then Do what I say and not what I do..



Sheena Gates said...

Miss M,

Is it just me or are you being a little judgemental on this one?

The point of the blog is supposed to be for the Mommies letting off steam without fear of judgement, hence 'Bad Mommy's Blog'.

Anyway, wha-eva. Maybe I'm just grumpy and reading into something that isn't there.

Bridget said...

Angel - You know I should have! Demmet! Let's swap, I'll take damien! That minx is a prince.

B - Yes hun, that is the mantra of any mom who wants to live in peace. Do as I SAY not as I DO.

The Divine Miss M said...

@sheena - I wasn't being judgemental, no one asked if I smoked her not. If you put it out there I can say what I want.

Smoking is bad for you fullstop. You can't deny that fact. I was just shocked that bridget said that she didn't want her kid to think that smoking was uncool and unacceptable - one would think you wouldn't want your kids to do something that is actually going to hurt them. Us smoking is a complete personal choice but when your child thinks it is fine cause mummy or daddy is doing it then ye, perhaps you shouldn't let your kid see you smoke?!

Number one on the list for that is passive smoking really damages a childs health, why on earth put them at risk?

She said she didn't know what to do; I said, perhaps The Pickle thinks that smoking is fine because she sees her mummy doing it.

I never said she shouldn't smoke, I just said perhaps she shouldn't let her child see her smoke.

Sheena Gates said...

Alright Miss M, my mistake then.

I do agree with your views on passive smoking, btw.

But I'm sure Bridget has a big enough mind of her own to make decisions without being reminded of how bad nicotine sticks are for her or her daughter.

And yes, I'm a smoker too.

The Divine Miss M said...

Thank you Sheena.

I'm sure she does as well, but when you say "I don't know what to do" on a blog you're inviting people to offer solutions.

I offered my opinion ;)

Bridget said...


Miss M - Sure. You put forth a suggestion, and you didn't make it an ultimatum. Duly noted.

Sheena - Mhh, yah. I got a brain, it's big. I'll try and use it well in the future.

You're right. Off to adjust that point about not knowing what to do. As I obviously administered a lecture on no smoking for 5-year-old and making sure my cigs and future stubs are out of reach.

PS: The Pickle knows she cannot hang around me while I smoke, hence me doing it outside.

Over and out.