Count the Bad Mommies

Thursday, January 24, 2008

memories homework

1. What do you remember most clearly about the birth of your kids?
Most clearly I remember concerned nurses ordering me onto my hands and knees, jabbing an IV into my left hand and putting a pen in my right so I could sign the C-section waiver. I'd been at the hospital 10 minutes, and I'm left-handed. With my daughter, I vividly recall the pain inflicted by an incompetent trying to poke the IV into my (right, thankfully) hand for five excruciating minutes.

2. What weird cravings did you have, if any?
I constantly ate cinnamon-sugar toast and mini pretzels, plus frequently begged for Bismarcks. I'm not entirely sure any of that had to do with pregnancy, necessarily.

3. What other names were you debating, before you settled on the name you did?
For a boy, we liked Will and Reed. For a girl, I briefly tried to wrap my brain around Minnie, after my grandma. And we argued about Olivia - I like the name but my husband was set to call her Libby, which only reminds me of canned foods. Stu also lobbied for Sophie but I thought it would sound ridiculous (and stripper-like) with our very English last name, Spencer.

4. What's the hardest part about being a mommy?
Wanting me me me time when the kids are still awake. And hating to play Polly Pockets; I imagine my daughter discussing with a therapist my disdainful attitude whenever she begged me to join her.

5. How did becoming a mommy change you?
I examine my own behavior and choices with a more critical eye - how am I representing moms & women? Am I being an effective positive role model? Did they just hear me say f*ck?

6. What advice would you give any future mommies-to-be?
Listen to your own instincts - Dr. Spock himself said we know more than we think we do. Don't let anyone frighten or guilt you into making moves that don't feel right for your family. Oh! And keep buying the sexiest underwear you can stand.

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CamiKaos said...

I'll second you on the sexy underwear!!! They've kept me sane & sassy and kept mr. Kaos happy