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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

say hello to CamiKaos...

Hi, I'm CamiKaos... I'm new to The Bad Mommy Blog but not new to the bad mommy game... I've had six years to perfect my parenting (okay so perfect isn't what I would call my parenting skills but isn't that the point of this blog?) and though it's sometimes been a bumpy road, I wouldn't trade a moment of it...

When I was asked to join these other lovely bad mom's I received some instructions that spelled out for me how to begin and so with our further ado my Bad Mommy Homework 1... it's a little late but I hope it makes the grade.

Post a picture of your kid.

this is K. Yes she really is that dramatic.

Tell us all 3 things we wouldn't know about you.

Well since you probably wouldn't know anything about me at all unless I told you I can pretty much say anything I want here can't I? I could tell you that I always have my toe nails painted because I feel sexy and sassy that way. I can tell you that I have a crippling cherry coke addiction. I can tel you that I'm not wearing any shoes right now. There. Three things, easy.

Tell us some things we wouldn't know about your kid.

Again... I can say anything here... wild inventions, honest truths, quirky traits. But lets go with... She loves superheroes. She loves to have her toes nails painted too. Her favorite meal is salt crusted talapia, rice and broccoli.

What quote/saying best describes the way you feel about being a mommy?

This is life.

Who's your Famous Mommy Role Model?

I don't have one. I find that in this day and age we, as a society, put far too much emphasis on famous people as our heroes and role models and not nearly enough on "regular" people. My mommy role models are my mother, my aunt and my ex house mate who was a single mom and doing one hell of a job raising a great kid.

If you could have one wish granted for your kid, what would it be?

There was one thing my parents always said they wanted for me as I was growing up... my happiness. That is truly what I wish for my daughter. I long and happy life.

Is that it? that wasn't so tough... homework shmomework... We'll talk again soon

xoxo- CamiKaos


angel said...

yay! hey cami- you are such a cool addition to this blog!!!

CamiKaos said...

thank you Angel...

sybil law said...

Whatever - you know I am your role model!