Count the Bad Mommies

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Angel Here, Reporting For Duty…

Kerryn has picked some awesome questions for this week’s homework. You know what; each week’s homework assignment is making my turn harder and harder! You mommies are hard acts to follow!

1. What is the one thing you have said or done to your kid that you regret the most?

Oh my friggin word… I think I could write a book on this topic alone…
Let’s just say that the number of times I have silently (and often tearfully) begged “please God don’t let him remember” is innumerable.
Everything from swearing at him in anger to smacking him on the head instead of on his backside.

2. Have you passed any bad habits on to your kid/s?

Sheesh… where do I start! Impatience. Bad temper. Speaking before he’s thought. Smoking.

3. Does your own mom rock or suck?

My mommy darling is the ultimate rocking mom! She sets a high standard when it comes to mommying... like allowing us to discover ourselves as we grew up. Even now, with four grown children, she manages to guide and aid her offspring without making us feel like she’s interfering!

4. How do you feel about TV, music, popular media around your kids? Anything in particular you feel strongly about not letting your kid/s watch/listen to/read?

When it comes to TV, music, books and such... I go with my gut instincts. I read and listen to everything Damien does and I pretty much allow him to make his own choices. If something troubles me- even if I can’t explain exactly why- then I will tell him so. If I feel his allowing a popular “trend” to influence his personality then I will not allow it in my house. As he gets older I allow him more “leeway”, though I tell him if something rubs me the wrong way.
I have always been very strict on age restrictions too- movies, music and games.


Mandy said...

Great post! I could have written some of this myself.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I love yours!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is a perfect parent out there.

I sure know that I am not one.

Kids seem to survive though so we must do something right.

At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Bridget said...

Great answers Angel. Age restriction is important. I'm afraid The Pickle won't be able to read anything I write until she is much much older. I wish I could write children's books so that she could but I can't. This is a bit of a dilemma for me because I want her to become a prolific reader and never shun any type of book, but how can I ask that of her when I won't et her read what I write? Sigh.

sweets said...

i'm so glad you also did the head slapping thing...mwhahahah... we are so bad! but we have good kids, so we must have done something right!!

CamiKaos said...

great answers angel.

i respect the way you deal with the cultural influences.

angel said...

mandy: ta, and howdy!

preposterous ponderings: heh heh... i need to tell myself that more often.

bridget: it is tough innit... i just see it as giving damien the opportunity to make more choices when he's older, rather than "hampering" him.

sweets: heh heh... i challenge any mom to deny every having done that!

cami: thanx, much obliged.