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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pissed off is an Understatement!

Grade 8 (Standard 6) is understandably a difficult year for anyone...

But we are now in the second month of the year (less than 6 weeks into the school year and my son has had his school bag taken and stuff removed from it four times!!!
Now you must understand... His bag is on the field next to him when it gets taken...
So Far he has had his stationary, His School Jacket and today they tried to take his School Pullover..
Add to that he has had a fingernail ripped off his first week at school and he is a victim of a school bully (not at all related to theft) and it makes for ONE VERY VERY MAD MOM!!

I have been to to the school twice and I plan another visit tomorrow.. I am not sure how I am going to deal with this but I can tell you that I have it in mind to go there with a leather strap and lay into each and every kid that might be responsible.. :-@

Not sure if I will be allowed to so will ask first.

Anybody have any better suggestions on how to deal with is??

Frustrated and Angry Mom

P.S. Where is the law on stringing kids to bonnet and going for joyride??


angel said...

oh boy, i feel for you.

damien had a hassle with a bully when he started grade 8... albeit a verbal one... unfortunately damien is easy prey as he reacts instantly! i eventually threatened the school, and the kid's parents (via the school), with legal action if they didn't do something about the situation. bullying is abuse be it physical or verbal.

as for the theft... can't help you there

Bridget said...

Set lawyers on the school. That is guaranteed to work. I promise.

BecauseIcan said...

Have a meeting with the school today.. lets see what happens..


sweets said...

that sucks! i absolutely HATE bullies... my son showed me his bully and i went up to him and nailed him, the poor kid couldn't get a word in edge wise... hehe another time i phoned the principal... he called the guilty parties in and sorted it out... another time i told my kid to hit the bully back(after being provoked of course) and that actually worked too...

theft: doesn't your school have lockers? if not, make a complaint with the school to install some, that is ridiculous the amount of stuff that's stolen!