Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, February 18, 2008

CamiKaos gets strict

It's time once again for our weekly dose of homework answers... and this week I'm just jumping right in to tell you that...

What is the one thing you have said or done to your kid that you regret the most.

I am usually a very patient person, but there are times that K pushes my patience to the very edges of sanity and I have a tendency to snark at her or yell. I hate when I yell. Even if I've spent an entire week with my buttons being pushed poked and prodded I hate yelling... but it happens and I feel like and asshole.

Have you passed any bad habits on to your kid?

She is so unbelievably sassy and sarcastic... but I'm not sure that's entirely bad...

Does your own mom rock or suck?

My own mother is awesome times ten. Except that she lives too far away.

How do you feel about TV, music, popular media around your kids? Anything in particular you feel strongly about not letting your kid watch, listen to, read?

I feel poorly about alot of popular media around my kid... for sure. She is allowed to watch DVD's and things that I have TiVo'd so that I can skip all the commercials. She is not allowed to watch anything with teenwhores with their belly buttons bared and low cut shirts where their would be cleavage is. Bratz dolls are the bane of my existence and K has never had one. She has asked, I have said no. She has asked, I have said no, she has asked I have said no again and again and again. All of my friends know how I feel so their purchase of them has also been avoided... but if one of her little school friends ever gets her one I may freaking burst.


As far as reading... I am just so proud of her for reading that she can read whatever piques her interest.

She can listen to all the music she wants that could be considered appropriate for a girl her age... and even much that isn't. The girl can sing about 10 jazz standards and twice that many blues songs. She's got half the Tom Waits catalog down too. Add that to her hearty respect and adoration of Captain Bogg n' Salty and her age appropriate love of Dan Zanes and we have high hopes for her musical appreciation.

But for the love of all things good keep the Bratz and the teen slut pop stars away from my kid.

Oh, and she isn't allowed to eat fast food... or ground beef... but that's really neither here nor there.


sweets said...

no fast food??
no bratz??

ok i get the bratz, but no fast food?????????


Bridget said...

Tee hee!

No Bratz?????

The Pickle would faint.

Kerryn said...

Don't like Bratz much then, do you ;-)

CamiKaos said...

sweets: Her father and I don't eat fast food. Most of it is really unhealthy. Don't get me wrong she gets her fair share of junk food from time to time... but it's just something she doesn't eat. And she's okay with it. Once we had a really early morning flight and found ourselves with a layover and the only thing open for breakfast was burgerking. so she ate it. she hated it.

bridget & kerryn: nope. don't like them ;) I think there will be plenty of time for her to aspire to full lips and tight belly baring clothes... but at 5... well, almost 6 as her birthday is next month... I want her to enjoy being a kid. One of her cousins is really into what I call the pop whores and bratz dolls and I could literally watch the shift in her behavior when she first started playing with them/ watching them... She started to act like a 21 year old party girl and she was only 6 at the time.

angel said...

so she's sassy & sarcastic eh? and you're sure she gets that from you?