Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, February 18, 2008

Homework - my turn

Posting this from my phone, so finger trouble must be forgiven :-)

1. What is the one thing you have said or done to your kid that you regret the most.
2. Have you passed any bad habits on to your kid/s?
3. Does your own mom rock or suck?
4. How do you feel about TV, music, popular media around your kids? Anything in particular you feel strongly about not letting your kid/s watch/listen to/read?

Okay folks, only four from me. It's been a rough week and this week ain't looking much better, but I'll definately be back to check your answers.


sweets said...

your first question is a real killer woman! ;)

angel said...

ooooh EXcellennnnnnnt!!!