Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, February 4, 2008

do your home work!!! by Sweets ;-)

1. How is mothering, in reality, different from what you expected it to be?

2. What is something you, as a kid, vowed you would never say to your own kids? Have you kept the vow?

3. If someone stopped in to your house for a surprise visit, would you be glad for the company, or self-concious by the condition of your home?

4. If you had twins tomorrow (boy and a girl) and you got to name them without any input from anyone else, what would you choose?

5. Did you suffer from post natal depression (this is an awful boring question but I always wonder about this cause I didn't suffer myself)?


Bridget said...

Making like a tree to answer! Yay! I don't have to work as I am v.v. busy with blog homework.

phillygirl said...

okay, i'm commenting here since it just seems rude to leave the same comment on everyone's homework posts.

But seriously, if you all had boy-girl twins would you really give them matching names? Okay, to be fair, only two of the bad mommies have posted the homework so far, but that seems to be the trend ... ?

ps. love this blog on baby names: The Bad Baby Names Blog

Bridget said...

Yes ma'am I would. But god forbid I have twins.

sweetass RSA said...

i am a bad mommy... i actually googled "random questions about motherhood"... and got these super cool questions... mwhwhahahahaha