Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Homework - Angel

1. Do you remember a particular incident or moment from your own childhood that has influenced the way you raise your offspring?
There are many moments, both good and bad that influence me ALOT in raising Ciara. I don't really want to expand on that, so, I'll just leave it as Yes, many.

2. Have you started some kind of savings plan or investment thingy for when your kidlet(s) wants to go to college or varsity?
Well, yes. Actually I have. I have an education policy which matures in 2015 for her tertiary education. Although she will only matriculate in 2018, I will possible re-invest the money at the time. I will pay for her tertiary education, as well as buy her a car when she turns 21. Her wedding gift will be a house. She deserves all the things I never had.
(Please note that this is my dream. Actually doing it is a completely different story)

3. Do you think it’s possible to let go of “mommy guilt”, to forgive yourself and move on, to do better?
For all the stupid things I say and do - Definitely Yes. For being a single, working mom - No way. I have huge guilt about not being able to fetch her after school, and being tired and busy when I get home from work. I deal with this guilt in many different ways, but mostly by dedicating what ever time I have left over to her (to the detriment of my own social life and sanity!)

4. How long after giving birth did you want to have sex?
*Blush* Like Sweets, I also tore. My initial thought was "Sex, you are kidding me? - not until she's four buddy!" I honestly can't remember. It took a loooong time for me to 'get back to normal', so I guess it was a couple of months.


sweets said...

i have "forgiven" myself, things are the way they are... but it's not easy i know.

you are a good mommy saving like that... now i feel lik a bad mama


angel said...

i have the same dreams for damien- and i'm afraid thats what they'll stay!
and ditto on #3...

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

so in other words Luke should be grateful that 3 months after the birth of our child we still have sex regularly. at least tghree times a week!!!

bloody men.

you know, he thinks he's deprived and hard done by!