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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Missing the beat

I suspect I am missing the beat as far as raising The Pickle is concerned.

I had to be away from home this weekend and she practically screeched to be let go to the farm to be with the Pappy!

Yes, he is the Alpha Parent, but honestly, you know what it does to me to see her twirling the phone and telling her Pappy all about school. Sometimes regaling him with stories I hadn't been told.

Every picture drawn has Pappy doing heroic things like waving enthusiastically. Sometime the Mammo is not featured at all!

I know she has been living with him and everything, but I am jealous as hell.

More worrying is The Pickle totally loving the Pappy's soon-to-be-wife.

I'm going to start whispering bad things about both of them while The Pickle is asleep.

Nah ... I probably carry on doing the best I can and taking comfort in knowing she owes me for hanging around my tummy fro nine months and making me puke. Surely then, she'll feel a little obliged to give me a morsel of affection?


The Divine Miss M said...

Perhaps it is like wanting the things you can't have? Maybe when she was living with her Dad she was constantly talking about you and regailing you with stories he never heard!

She loves you :) I was never that overly affectionate with my Mum but was with my Dad but it didn't mean I loved her any less!

angel said...

aw b, i would so be jealous too!
as for a smidgeon of affection... i get lots of those when damien and i are on speaking terms!

Bridget said...

Miss M - Girls and their fathers! Bugger.

Angel - Imagine ... an inkling of affection when the mood takes him ... *sigh*

MamaMeeA said...

It's like a stab in the heart, isn't it?

sweets said...

the pickle loves you bridge, end of story. no other woman can ever take your place, no matter what she does. strangely kids know this. and the pappy, be glad she has a great dad like that and never be jealous of him, you have different roles to fill. i'm so positive today, just call me schweeeeeeeet~!

Bridget said...

Like a bloody dagger Meea

Swets - i know, i know... you have been hanging around Diva for too long, you is not schweeeeeeeet