Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sweets the mommy prima donna

1. What is the one thing you have said or done to your kid that you regret the most.

This is such a unfair question. I walk in shame. I smacked Kay over the head once, he is now 12 years old and still holds this against me.

What I also regret is that I told them what a loser their Dad is. I am a horrible person. My life was at that stage in total chaos/turmoil because of their Dad and I just lost it. I did apologise but I still feel horrible that I did that, that is the one thing a child never has to hear.

2. Have you passed any bad habits on to your kid/s?

They are both nail biters. Kay has kicked the habit but I'm still struggling to help Jay get over his "addiction". They both have bad tempers, oops...

3. Does your own mom rock or suck?

She is a rock star! I am blessed with the best Mom in the whole wide world, no kidding. She is the mother of my boys when I'm not around, she goes far beyond the call of duty and I can honestly say she loves my kids as her own. I love her dearly.

4. How do you feel about TV, music, popular media around your kids?

I try to keep violent TV from them, as well as too much sex, I don't want to over stimulate anything in their little minds.
We listen to music together, anything goes.
They play too much playstation and PSP...

5. Anything in particular you feel strongly about not letting your kid/s watch/listen to/read?

They don't like reading so they can read just about anything ;) I've taught them from a young age to be independant and to listen to their inner voice, if it doesn't feel right watching "this" I don't watch. I must admit that this has worked quite well up to now.

I wonder how I'm going to handle it when I get a dirty magazine hidden in their room... sigh.


Kerryn said...

Lol, dirty magazines. I have no idea!!

Yup, the first question is difficult, but we've all done at least one thing!

angel said...

mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa... damien started sneaking my FHM collection to his room AAAges ago! that was entertaining. and i found a hustler in his room once. i actually think i tossed it and left it at that- he was away on a camp and i ewas spring cleaning his room...