Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In pursuit of a genius child

1. What is the one thing you have said or done to your kid that you regret the most.

I’ve yet to. As I have said before … she is spoilt a little bit. But we're working on fixing her.

2. Have you passed any bad habits on to your kid/s?

Dancing for no reason. Like while chopping onions or waiting for my turn at the bank. It’s a dodgy trait, I know.

3. Does your own mom rock or suck?

The Dingbat is a paradoxical nightmare. I love her dearly but she can drive me utterly bonkers with anger.

4. How do you feel about TV, music, popular media around your kids? Anything in particular you feel strongly about not letting your kid/s watch/listen to/read?

To be honest I think living on the farm has turned the Pickle into a TV addict. She wakes me up with it at 5am. I’ve collected all the major children’s stories for her to read when she can and have told her the tale of Harry Potter to starry-eyed amazement. I’ll never censor what she reads, I’ll guide and hope like me, she will have read Animal Farm by the time she turns 8 and thinks the Bronte girls are pioneers.


Kerryn said...

I loved the "Magic Faraway Tree" stories when I was little, and Ciara and I have read them all.
Harry Potter is also a firm favorite!

angel said...

very cool- i think the pickle will do well with you...

Bridget said...

Kerryn - Books give a child a chance to grow their mind. To this age I still grab a dictionary because I have ran across a word I don't know. And me in my dotage. Another good series is The Tales of The Otori. But she will only be ready for the in teenage years.

Thanks Angel. I suspect she will to.