Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Angel Answers

I'm only juust getting my homework done here!

Before I was a mommy. . . I had scrapbooks filled with pictures of movie stars and musicians I idolised… I was a rocker and my school bag was covered in graffiti

Before I was a mommy. . . I had a temper that scared even me, blind rages and all

Before I was a mommy. . . I didn’t want to have children at all- I was afraid I might injure them physically in a fit of rage

Before I was a mommy. . . I had not even thought of those “when-I-have-children-I-will-never” and “my-children-will-only” ideals

Before I was a mommy. . . I shared a vision of living in a gawjissly decorated loft-type flat with my best friend whilst we gallivanted all over the place and lived like they do in the movies

Before I was a mommy. . . I was going to tour the world and see all the famous artworks and ruins in Florence, Rome, Greece, South America- Machu Picchu, David, Pompeii, the Sistine Chapel- I don’t think I had heard of backpacking as such- but that was my plan

Before I was a mommy. . . I was super selfish and couldn't have ever concieved of the notion of actually putting my own life and wants aside- in favour of another- let alone someone who bit me; shouted at me; kept me up at night; made me cry; slammed doors in my face; told me he hated me; sneered at me; puked, peed and pooped on me and expected handouts and lifts like he was owed them (obviously these are in no particular order)

Before I was a mommy. . . I could not imagine having several hours’ conversation with other mommies and exclusively discussing the pros and cons of various baby clothing brands and baby products, not to mention illness, nappy rash, puke, poo and teething

Before I was a mommy. . . I didn’t understand that whole “mother bear” analogy- I so get it now

Before I was a mommy. . . I didn’t know or love or respect my parents like I do now- make no mistake- loved them, but differently, now I admire them as well and I dunno what I ever would have done without them

Before I was a mommy. . . I had no idea that I could feel so much love so deeply and so intensely for one person- no matter what happened between us, ever

Before I was a mommy. . . I didn't think I could love someone enough to cry over them at the slightest hint of an excuse to do so

Before I was a mommy. . . I did not know I could be prepared to literally put my life on the line in favour of one person- if the need ever arose


Bridget said...

Oi, I don't see Peru on your list! What about the Incha ruins! Pfft!

Loft-style living is something I still dream about. I'm an optimist, I am hoping by the time she is 16 she will hate me so much she will want to stay with Pickle Senior and I will have a chance to live my life. So, that will happen in about 10 years? Yay!

sweets said...