Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, March 9, 2008

all was chaos...

Before I was a mommy...

I smoked too much

I painted myself silver and pranced around the house in leather hot pants

I thought of myself


I could out drink a man that out weighed me by 150+ pounds and then when he passed out in my backyard... I could find a way to drag him in and lay him on the sofa

I thought I was free to be who I was and who I wanted

I wore big boots and dark lipstick

I sang loudly and didn't care who heard

I made my boyfriend the happiest man on earth

I made my boyfriend miserable and crazy

I was a size 4

I drank too much pepsi and watched too much tv

I wasn't perfect.

But now, now things are different...

Of course I'm still not perfect

I drink too much cherry coke and cherish my quiet time

I'm a size 6

I make my husband completely insane

I make my husband the happiest man on earth

I sing loudly with my daughter and hope everyone hears the joy

I wear big boots but seldom have time for lipstick

I am free to be who I am... that's all I want to be

I'm an easy drunk, 2 martinis and I just want to curl up and snooze... but first I can carry my girl to bed and tuck her in with sweet dreams

I think of my daughter, and then myself, and my husband


I play dress up with my daughter and make special teas just for us

I blog into the wee hours of the night... and then again in the morning.


angel said...

teehee... i like then "then and now" way you've written this said...


stephanie said...

Love it. It feels better in the now, I think :)

Bridget said...

Sining loudly gets my vote.

The Pickle and I dance anywhere we feel like dancing, standing in the queue at a supermarket, as I drop her off at school, wherever! It's part of her OCD hee hee hee.