Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, March 9, 2008

before bad momhood

[So sorry to be absent lo these many weeks...Bad is my first name, you know]

Before I was a mom, I enjoyed:

  • Going to the movies at the last minute
  • Waiting till dinnertime to figure out what to make
  • Watching commercial TV between 7 am & 7 pm
  • Long, warm, relaxing baths
  • Spending an entire Saturday going to garage sales
  • Reading a grown-up book while the sun was up
  • Dogs
  • Three rooms to myself in the house
  • Sleeping in
  • Sleeping through the night
  • The backseat of my car
  • A consistently clean & orderly house
  • Dry-clean-only clothes
  • Privacy
  • Leisurely dining in a restaurant
  • Sick days
  • A modeling career
  • Weekends in Vegas
  • A life of crime

Okay, the last few never really materialized...Since my kids are getting older, I'm finding my way back to some of these luxuries. But some I'm not missing much anyway.


angel said...

teehee... you have a bad mommy wishlist!!!

Anonymous said...

You see not having a clean house is alrady getting to me and I have two full grown men not snotty muddy kids