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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Before I was a Mommy Homework

Because I've always had trouble turning assignments in on time...

Before I was a mommy:

I could mainline tequila and sleep off my hangover 'til 6pm the next day.

I put on makeup and let my hair hand long down my back.

I spent my extra cash on concert tickets and happy hour beers instead of Dora dolls and Backyardigan DVDs

I didn't know who Dora or the Backyardigans were.

I was a night owl. An insomniac. A dreamer who never dreamed...she only watched infomercials.

I never wanted children.

I had never held a baby.

I never appreciated the self-less-ness it takes to raise a child.

I never really gave any thought to the fact that my parents had a different life before they had kids.

I had never experienced true, raw, heartachingly, endless, love.

Had I been paying attention I would have done this meme sooner. And possibly rocked it all poetic like. However, it is 2am here. I am tired. I am spent. I am going to bed. I also see that a new homework assignment has already been given out. No harm done. I shall post this with an earlier date so's not to mess with the flow. If I do end up waxing poetic about my life before children then I'll post it as an update to this homework assignment.


1 comment:

stephanie said...

I think "mainline tequila" is pretty poetic...!

Nicely done - especially about realizing that your parents were different before children.