Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Before I was a Mommy I fit into size 0 clothes....

and could fly anywhere I wanted to be, propelled only by the power of my mind, and I had a million rainbow ponies who would do whatever I asked....

Okay, so the clothes were size 6 (South African) and the flying and ponies might have been Vodka-induced hallucinations, but still. I was seriously cool before I was a Mommy...

Before I was a Mommy..... I spent several weeks in complete denial before finally giving in and taking the pregnancy test that turned my whole world on its head.

Before I was a Mommy..... I never thought I would ever want to have kids.

Before I was a Mommy..... I used to laugh at how my mother used to smile that knowing smile and say things like, "Just you wait 'til you have kids of your own....".

Before I was a Mommy..... I never used to cry in the sad parts of movies.

Before I was a Mommy..... I could go for days without any vaguely decent amount of sleep and would never say no to a party.

Before I was a Mommy..... I had no clue how desperately sad and lonely I'd been for the longest time.

Before I was a Mommy..... Alcohol was more important than food.

Before I was a Mommy..... I didn't know what menstrual cramps felt like. Or heartburn. Or constipation. Or anything above 45kg body weight.

Before I was a Mommy..... Macdonald's was only to be tolerated when in a state of utter inebriation.

And now I'm a Mommy. And pretty much nothing is as it used to be. And I appreciate my own mom so, so much more.


angel said...

awesome answers... this is getting harder and harder for me to complete!

sweets said...

i love this weeks homework!! that was so cool, really good answers!!