Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Almost Forgot

That I still had to do my own homework... so I'm just scraping in under the wire here!

1. Do you remember a particular incident or moment from your own childhood that has influenced the way you raise your offspring?

There were one or two occasions when I was in primary school that my mommy darling said “why can’t you be more like…” We argued about it once, and she never did it again that I can remember. I have never done it to Damien.

2. Have you started some kind of savings plan or investment thingy for when your kidlet(s) wants to go to college or varsity?

I started one once… I actually kept it going for a long time- but when I changed jobs I Hd to suddenly start paying all kinds of things myself that my previous employers had paid for me and I used the little bit of money that had accumulated to get myself out of serious debt… I never restarted it…

3. Do you think it’s possible to let go of “mommy guilt”, to forgive yourself and move on, to do better?

Hhmmm… Maybe one day- when Damien is a grown up and doing something he likes and being happy (I hope)- I will be able to let go of the “mommy guilt”… until then I will battle with it, occasionally pretending its not there at all…

4. How long after giving birth did you want to have sex?

I was single as Damien's father and I had split when I was a few months pregnant, so all my craving didn’t get me very far… but if I remember correctly it was about 3 months after Damien was born. I acquired my first F.I.B. when Damien was about 6 months old.

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