Count the Bad Mommies

Friday, March 21, 2008

Perhaps Not Supremely Amusing at 19 Months

Q: Please tell us about something your child(ren) said that was supremely amusing. Embarrassing is also fun.

A: My daughter's 1st word was "hi" (the exact way I say it - kind of high-pitched/sing-songy)....this is more amusing in person unfortunately. Especially when she says it right after I have said "no" to something or when she knows she has done something "wrong".

Supremely amusing (to us - cuz everything is at this age) and hopefully even so not in person for all of you: her 1st phrase "OH - M- GHA" (Oh My God). She was saying this at 13(? - not sure, cuz being the bad mommy I am, I have yet to record ANYthing) months. If this was her 1st phrase, I think we have many more amusing moments awaiting us.

BTW, she now says "Elmo", "Coo" (for Blues Clues), "Wa Wa" (for Wa Wa Wubzy - cartoon), "Foo" (for food), "Dai" (for Daddy).

....she has yet to say "mommy" or anything resembling it.

Ain't motherhood just grand.


angel said...

aw sweet... this is a tough one- i can't remember anything damien said because i also never wrote anything down!!!

stephanie said...

Love it - when they imitate your pitch & everything, it's cool and eerie...My son started with "That's ree-dicka-luss" when he was about 3, sounding just like me. said...

angel: at least we're writing stuff down via blogging huh?

stephanie: I can totally hear the "ree-dicka-luss" coming out of my daughter's mouth some day as're SO right about it being cool and eerieEeEEeeeee -